Welcome to The AlejAndro Corporation

The AlejAndro Corporation is a corporation of one man pushing the envelope of positivity. One man with one hand in one world as one people pushing the good to the extreme. This website is a portal into what is possible with the power of positive thinking. Insight into what is attainable with the will to change the world for the better in every single present moment. Sometimes it is enough to make children smile, take care of your mother, do good at your day job, and support your community. Other times it is necessary to take over the planet with inspiration, compassion, motivation, love, and hope. This is a revolution of positive thinking!

Whether doing professional Motivational Speaking with his company ONE HAND SPEAKS or as his Superhero persona-- THE GUARDIAN OF HOPE, AlejAndro is sure to inspire and motive you to live beyond your limitations. Interested in the Dzogchen Vajrayana Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism and the nature of positive thinking? AlejAndro is an authorized Buddha Path Dharma Teacher and Director of the Boise Dharma Center. As Idaho's exclusive Moldavite resource, AlejAndro's direct relationship with Czech Republic miners and dealers makes Idaho Moldavite the place to buy this rare Tektite in the Gem State. As a life long artist and 3rd Degree Black Belt in Aikido, he has changed the lives of many people at his martial art dojo--- 3 Shapes Aikido. He has been playing a Didgeridoo for over 15 years, has brought many great musicians to Boise, has presented in many Art Shows and Galleries, and has performed with music on many stages here in the City of Trees and Nationally. AlejAndro Anastasio even runs a small knitting company with his family called Blue Moon Knits.

This is the present day existence of AlejAndro and The AlejAndro Corporation. This is how he is living, how he is helping people, and how he is changing his world for the better by living his one handed life to the extreme and pushing the envelope of positivity.

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