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AlejAndro Anastasio has been living as a professional artist for all of his adult life. He credits his creative cleverness to his one handedness. He believes one of the benefits of not having two hands is it has made him more clever and by necessity more creative. AlejAndro has been extremely creative since a very young age and has spent his entire life as an artist.

From early in his childhood AlejAndro was always building things and "putting things together" his mother would say. In High School his love for Film Photography and Ceramic Pottery blossomed well into his college years. Both his College pottery professor and his High School pottery teacher expressed their belief of AlejAndro following his natural artistic talents as a path in life. However, it was his High School pottery teacher Mrs. Hendricks who said, "not everyone can live their life as an artist and make it work AlejAndro. But you can!!! And the word needs more artists like you." AlejAndro has never looked back and has lived a life of creativity.

AlejAndro Currently lives in Boise Idaho following his pursuits as an artist and working for the Bureau of Reclamation as a Graphic Arts Designer. His many creative accomplishments and expressions include Sculptor, Martial Artist and Sensei, Musician, Philanthropist, Performer & Entertainer, Motivational Speaker, and Festival Organizer.

AlejAndro's most current creative expression is motivational and inspirational speaking. He has been a professional national speaker for the past 4 years. AlejAndro has spoken for the Boise State Broncos and Eagle High School Mustangs Football teams, Moontown Foundation in Seattle WA, Story Story Night finalist, the Dzogchen Retreat Center USA, The College of Idaho, and for the Bureau of Reclamation in Washington DC, Denver Colorado, and Boise Idaho. Through his presentations, AlejAndro inspires and empowers individuals and groups to move beyond their real or perceived limitations to truly live their dreams. He strongly believes that everything is possible if you have a “can-do” attitude and a deep faith in yourself. Additionally, AlejAndro has a Superhero speaking persona known as The Guardian of Hope. He offers inspirational and motivational speeches at comic book (comicons) and sci-fi conventions with a comic book sci-fi twist. He is currently available for speaking engagements.

His early expression of building things led to him showing his Assemblages and Sculptors, and Found Art Creations in many Galleriers (List Gallery, Phantom Gallery, Gallery Tekio Seishin Kai), Art Shows, Gallery Openings. AlejAndro has been showcased for Boise's First Thursday Art Walk numerous times.

The Didgeridoo has been his main musician instrument and expression for the past 14 years. He has been a devoted student of Alan Shockley and plays Alan's Agave didgeridoo. He also creates and puts together moving and unique "sound sculptors" with a Theremin and Tibetan Sing bowls. AlejAndro has performed his style of musical expression as part of his Motivational Speaking performances and at many local and national festivals, events, and stages.

As a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Aikido AlejAndro Sensei owned and operated His Community Based Martial Art Dojo 3 Shapes Aikido in Boise North End community for ten years. Under direct guidance of Hiroshi Ikeda Shihan, 7th Dan, and the Aikido Schools of Ueshiba (ASU) AlejAndro Sensei has created a unique place and following in the Aikido world as a one handed Sensei. He has brought to Boise Idaho many greats in the Aikido world including, Hiroshi Ikeda, Robert Nadeau, Francis Takahashi, Teja Bell, George Ledyard, Cyndy Hayashi, Vince Salvatore, Kayla Feder, and the late Kevin Choate Senseis to foster and spread the peaceful martial art of Aikido.

Operating a Community based Aikido Dojo means more to AlejAndro than just training and testing for rank. AlejAndro Sensei believes it important to support the community and be a place of personal growth and family involvement. Paired with his martial art skills are his Philanthropist desires and intentions. AlejAndro Sensei brought many great musician to perform in Boise and at 3 Shapes Aikido. Both Blue Wolf-- Apache Song Catcher and Native Flute player, and Pamelia Kurstin-- considered one of the top three Theremin players on the planet to Boise. Additionally AlejAndro Sensei and 3 Shapes Aikido hosted the Boise May Day Celebration in Camel's Back park for 5 years. This was a community based festival based in family and community, and was a local festival which served no alcohol.

As a performer and entertainer AlejAndro was a founding member of the Red Light Variety Show, a locally based burlesque performance troupe. He performed a combination of music, martial art, concept, and collaborative skits with a slight Political and Human Condition overtone. As a disabled performer, AlejAndro has the privilege to perform with the internationally renowned San Francisco based disabled performance crew called Jess Curtis Gravity in 2012. Again, AlejAndro has performed at many local and state venues, festivals, and stages with RLVS, as a solo performer, and working with other great Idaho Artists.

AlejAndro is getting ready to start an Artistic Revolution in 2015. Stay Tuned!

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