Contacting AlejAndro

Contacting AlejAndro is easy. Especially if you are here at this site or one of the many websites he has created and manages.

The best way is to use his email address connected to this website. You can go down and click on the email icon in the lower right hand corner of this page... yeah, just right down over there. Additionally, you can visit him on FaceBook or and follow him on twitter. He does the best he can with his one hand to write back to you in a timely manner.

If you are interested in having AlejAndro speaker at your business, conference, organization, or festival, you can use this email. However, it would be best to go to the Need a Hand or Guardian of Hope websites or Socal Media pages depending on your need. There are links which will direct you to his professional speaking website, emails, and social media locations. Regardless, if you are interested in AlejAndro's services, contact him anyway that works best for you.

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