The Guardian of Hope
Enlightening & Entertaining Professional Inspirational Speaking and presentations with a Sci-Fi Comic Book Twist

Born with one hand, AlejAndro Anastasio has turned his limitation into unlimited super-human power. The greatest quality of a Superhero is to offer hope and inspiration. AlejAndro delivers this and so much more as "Guardian of Hope: The One Handed Superhero."

An entertaining motivational speaker with a comic book/sci-fi twist, AlejAndro uses his Superhero persona as a reflection of himself, how he helps people, and as a marketing tool for comic book and sci-fi conventions and other related events, festivals, and comicons.

With humor, hope, and humbleness, AlejAndro shares how during his extremely challenging childhood comic books and science fiction saved his life. He shares how he turned his one handed life into unlimited power. The power and belief to do things most people thought would be impossible to accomplishment. Riding his bicycle from Seattle to Chicago, doing music and performance entertainment, operating a professional martial art school, earning three black belts with a 3rd degree black belt in Aikido, and living his life as an artist are to only name a few.

Visit AlejAndro's Professional Motivational and inspirational Sci-Fi Comic Book with a Twist Speaking website at The Guardian of Hope.

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