Information about AlejAndro Anastasio.

AlejAndro was born in South Bend, Indiana. At a very early age he showed signs of creativity which his parents always supported. At the tail end of analog technology, AlejAndro's parents brought home a Commador 64 computer. To this day he credits his parent's foresight into digital technology and is deeply grateful for that decision in his past. To this day AlejAndro makes most of his artistic living and supports his life as a Digital Graphic Artist and Designer.

After High School AlejAndro attended Indiana University. After three years he transfered to the University of Washington in Seattle Washington. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology. Though he took many art classes in High School and College he did not feel the need to major in art. AlejAndro was interested more in learning and acquiring a well rounded education.

After graduation AlejAndro spent 6 years living and working in Seattle. He used this time to gather what he calls "life's education." It was in this time period when he rode his bicycle from Seattle to home town of South Bend Indiana just outside of Chicago. His last four years in Seattle were spent working in the Pike Place Market. There he spent two years working for Joe Canavan at World Class Chili. To this day AlejAndro speaks often of how his time with Joe at the Chili Parlor changed his life for the better. It was at this time AlejAndro decided to move to Boise Idaho.

AlejAndro currently lives in Boise Idaho as a self proclaimed “Champion of Life. He is following his pursuits as an artist and working as an illustrator for the Bureau of Reclamation. His many accomplishments include martial art Sensei, orator, fine artist, business owner, performance artist, traveling by bicycle from Seattle to Chicago, musician, philanthropist, pool shark, bicycling newsletter founder and editor, and mentor. When asked what it is like living his entire life with one hand, AlejAndro says, “It is truly and deeply a blessing. I enjoy not having two hands. Not only do I have the opportunity to inspire people to be more than they think is possible, I also get 50% off all manicures.”

You are welcome to visit AlejAndro's personal website at AlejAndro Anastasio. It has the same information offered here with a different look. It is also easy to find him on FaceBook.

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