Blue Moon Knits
A Family Owned and Operated Hand Knitting Company.

We are a locally grown small family run knitting business based out of Boise Idaho. We got flair, style, and something cool on the knitted side of life. It all started with Mama.

She always knitted as we were growing up. There was a new stock of slippers and blankets turning over every now and then. Out of nowhere and for no particular reason other than the joy of creating, giving a gift and sharing happiness, we would receive these hand made gifts. It has been a very sweet, caring, and kind part of our family's lives. Plus Mama makes cool stuff.

All items are made from start to finish my mother, my brother, and myself. We all have different skills and share in the completion all of wears. A family tradition shared with all. We produce small run high quality goods and wears. Though we experiment with ideas, designs, and products, we generally have a standard line of 6 products:

Hats - Scarves - Blankets - Pajama Bags - Dolls - Christmas Ornaments.

To get more information about the Blue Moon Knits or to contact us about purchasing an item or a custom request, please visit the Blue Moon Knits Website or visit our FaceBook page.

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