Idaho Moldavite
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Moldavite is the Tektite known as "The Stone of Transformation." Moldavite is an impact glass which can be found only in one area on the planet, the Czech Republic. Moldavite is the result of a huge meteorite impact at the Ries Crater impact site in Germany just under 15 million years ago. Incredible heat and pressure after impact threw up a combination of mostly Earthly material mixed with whatever Extraterrestrial matter making up the meteorite high into the atmosphere. Upon quickly cooling, the newly formed compound we call Moldavite fell back down to Earth. It is also know as "The Emerald" that fell from the sky.

It has been held sacred for for thousands of years by humans from many cultures. Amulets of Moldavite were discovered with 20,000+ year old artifacts and other findings dating back more than the 6000 year modern time line of Human civilizations. It has been held as a mystical and sacred stone throughout human civilization, regarded as having magical and consciousness transforming powers used by sages, healers and others. It has been used by mystics to accelerate the awakening of consciousness and awareness as well as for healing. On a metaphysical level Moldavite is a very powerful stone as it is considered the most powerful of the "12 Synergy Stones." The stone is said to bring about great transformation, both on a personal and spiritual level.

AlejAndro's affinity for Tektites focuses mostly on Moldavite. He does own a few specimens of the very rare Tibetanite, Javanite, Lybian Desert Glass, Rizalites and Bikolites as part of his fine Tektite collection. However, his true deep connection is to Moldavite. His first and very power experience with Moldavite is a story to be heard. As is his first dream experience with Moldavite that evening.

A facet of AlejAndro most people do no know about him is affinity for Moldavite. Or for how long Moldavite has been a part of his life. He currently is the owner of Idaho Moldavite, Idaho's exclusive Moldavite resource. He has spent years studying Moldavite and finding, creating, fostering, and developing relationships with certified Czech Republic miners and dealers of Moldavite. AlejAndro's Moldavite specimens come directly dug from the earth in the Czech Republic to you.

Idaho Moldavite's relationships with Czech Miners and local dealers allows AlejAndro to offer a wide range of the highest quality raw specimens ranging in sizes from a gram to over 20 grams. Larger specimens can be custom ordered if not on hand. Faceted gems come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and cuts and are often used to create custom jewelery.

His main focus is offering the highest quality Moldavite specializing in museum, collector, and investment grade Moldavites and custom orders. Idaho Moldavite offers specimens from the highly prized and extremely rare locality of Besednice.

To get more information about the Moldavite, or Idaho Moldavite, or to ask questions, please visit the Idaho Moldavite Website or look for the Idaho Moldavite FaceBook Page.

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