Enlightening & Entertaining Professional Motivational and Inspirational Speaking.

AlejAndro Anastasio works with organizations and groups of all ages to see past their self imposed limits to live a life without limitations. AlejAndro has spoken for the Boise State Broncos and Eagle High School Mustangs Football teams, Moontown Foundation in Seattle WA, Story Story Night finalist, the Dzogchen Retreat Center, The College of Idaho, and at the Bureau of Reclamation in Washington DC, Denver Colorado, and Boise Idaho.

Despite his irreversible disability, AlejAndro has devoted his life to teaching, challenging and inspiring people to live a life of greatness in spite of any limitations. Born without his left hand, his positive attitude through the years has propelled him to deliver a message of hope to all who meet him. As an empowering speaker for K-8, High School, and College students, adults, and corporations, AlejAndro has the unique ability to cater his message to suit many situations, agendas, and needs.

Through his presentations, AlejAndro inspires and empowers individuals and groups to move beyond their real or perceived limitations to truly live their dreams. He strongly believes that everything is possible if you have a “can-do” attitude and a deep faith in yourself.

With charisma, AlejAndro shares his message through humor, storytelling, music, and performance.

Visit AlejAndro's Professional Motivational Speaking website at One Hand Speaks.

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